Video De La Muerte De Octavio Ocaña – Loose Ends Around Death

Video De La Muerte De Octavio Ocaña – In informal communities, a great many clients have circled back to the demise of entertainer Octavio Ocaña (known as ‘Benito’ in the Neighbors series), who passed on after oppression by the police of Cuatitlán Izcalli, in the State of Mexico, and as per the authority adaptation due to a shot that he gave himself.

The main news that was delivered was distributed on the Facebook record of the Cuatitlán Izcalli city hall leader’s office, to which clients whine the entire end of the week in their various distributions and express their “outrage” with Facebook responses, as they consider the authority form impossible.

What the city hall leader’s office investigated Friday was: “Three prisoners on the Champa-Lechería Highway “; around then, he included Octavio as one of the prisoners, regardless of the way that he had been moved to a medical clinic in a genuine condition. From that second on, clients started to distinguish the entertainer (who wears a bright pullover) and to scrutinize the position’s adaptation.

“After a pursuit, components of Public Security got three subjects who were conveying a gun when they were driving on board a dark Jeep truck. The occasions happened on the on-ramp to the Champa-Lechería parkway toward Atizapán, when the safeguarded, in their endeavor to escape, hit a private vehicle that was going through the space, harming the driver and one of the confined”, read the principal message given by the city hall leader of the region of Mexico.

Right around 24 hours after the fact, on Saturday evening, the civic chairman’s office announced that “because of the occasions that happened yesterday evening on the Champa-Lechería expressway, where an individual was harmed by the effect of a gun, through the Public Safety and Traffic Police Station, we illuminate that we are cooperating with the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico to explain the occasions where Octavio “N” lost his life, altogether not to make theory and pass on the examinations to position of the skillful specialists characterize liabilities “.

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