Valeria Vasnetsova Instagram – Olympic Teams Raise Concerns Photo Of Winter Olympics Quarantine Food Going Viral

Valeria Vasnetsova Instagram – An Olympic competitor in Beijing’s 2022 Winter Games says it isn’t the indications of COVID-19 harming her. It’s the quarantine food. Venturing to say the dinners are terrible to the point that she cries consistently from the actual aggravation it gives her.

Valeria Vasnetsova, an individual from Team Russia, made these cases on Instagram. Posting a photograph of an unappetizing plate that looks more like jail food.The Russian biathlete referred to the food as “unpalatable” and guaranteed the plate given to her was the thing she was getting for each of the three dinners, for five days straight.

“My stomach harms,” Vasnetsova said in her post. “I’m exceptionally pale and I have tremendous dark circles around my eyes. I need this to end. I cry consistently. I’m extremely drained.” She additionally charges the food is so awful its made her drop pause. “My bones are as of now standing out,” she saidPer the Associated Press, Vasnetsova’s circumstance has improved since raising her interests.

Two days after her analysis, Vasnetsova got better, more nutritious dinners and is in any event, getting a fixed bicycle conveyed to help her visit in condition during her quarantine period.

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