Tiktok Time Traveler 2027 – Discover Javier 2027 Time Traveler’s Popular Videos

Tiktok Time Traveler 2027 – Javier, who passes by the name @unicosobreviviente [only survivor] has been sharing peculiar clasps of abandoned roads in Spain, remembering one of a mysterious way for a neglected city.

The Tiktoker says he is the main survivor on Earth after a mass termination yet a portion of his more than 6,000,000 devotees are questioning his cases and have marked him counterfeit.

Throughout the end of the week, one of his supporters provoked him to film a video with a perspective on Barcelona, from the last floor of the inn the TikToker is remaining.

Javier did as such however at that point was tested by one more adherent to film a similar clasp during the day: “If you make a similar video yet during the day, I’ll trust you no doubt”.

Another TikToker remarked: “Take a gander at the dull spots in the convergence you can see a few developments. Appears as though something was altered out.”

“Your hands are distinctive on every video,” another person said.

Also, in a bid to demonstrate he is coming to clean Javier posted a similar video in the light.

The short clasps recorded from above begins with a perspective on an unfilled intersection in the city-left vehicles can be seen however no traffic or individuals are near.

He then, at that point, lifts the camera and shows a perspective on the city under an overcast sky.

“Awakening, all that changes place,” Javier said.

“I’m caught somewhere in the range of 2021 and 2027. I’m in a world corresponding to yours.

Last week Javier chose to film a brief video of himself for his non-trusting adherents.

The Tiktoker, wearing a dark hooded coat and coaches holds his telephone before his face to conceal his character and gradually zooms in.

Yet, a considerable lot of his supporters are as yet not persuaded and keep on proposing new difficulties.

Somebody said: “How might you send a TikTok from the future to the past utilizing web from that point, is the recurrence of the wave go (sic) among existence and aspect?”

“I challenge you to go to Egypt at the pyramids,” another person remarked.

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