The X Factor’s Rylan Clark leaked video shows him demanding ‘the gear’

Rylan Clark has allegedly been found requesting ‘gimme the stuff’ in shock film during a night out this month.

In a video got by The Sunday Mirror, the moderator, 33, is supposedly seen requesting ‘gear’ (a shoptalk term for drugs) while being recorded on a cell phone by his buddy outside a London bar – however he isn’t explicitly heard requesting an illicit substance. ear’
After spotting he was being shot, Rylan speedily commented: ‘Erase that now or I will f*g kill you!’, however the star was grinning at that point, demonstrating he was kidding.

There is no idea Rylan got or took drugs.’He was in the smoking region yet he said he needed to leave and have a wild night out. He needed to move away from his group.

MailOnline have reached agents of Rylan for input.

In the 22-second video, the star answered to be seen saying: ‘Give me the stuff, give me the f*g gear and we’ll go.’

In the wake of acknowledging he was on camera, a giggling Rylan pointed at the telephone prior to expressing: ‘No, no, no, erase that currently, erase that now, or I’ll f*g kill you.’

As they proceed with their trade down the road, the previous Big Brother star, wearing a dark shirt, is heard rehashing: ‘No, I’ll f*g kill you.’

While his chuckling friend added: ‘At any rate. You just said give me the stuff. I’m not gonna…’ The Sunday Mirror reports Rylan then, at that point, shook his head prior to repeating: ‘I’ll f*g kill you’, with the other man guaranteeing: ‘Come on, you’re with me.’

It Takes Two host Rylan is then heard rehashing: ‘No, I’ll f*g kill you, you realize I will.’

Only days beforehand, Rylan demanded to Davina McCall on his Ry-association digital broadcast he was ‘never’ where he expected to consume medications.

During a forthcoming visit, he told her: ‘I’ve never been where I feel that I want to accomplish something to that effect.

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