Solo Leveling Ending Reddit – Emotional Final Chapter

Solo Leveling Ending Reddit – Solo Leveling 179 was simply delivered informally and it denotes the finish of the manhwa. While fans had hypothesized during the last couple of episodes that Solo Leveling was going to end, nobody could anticipate that it would end unexpectedly early.

The battle among Antares and Sung Jin-Woo inside the Dimensional Rift isn’t shown, nor is the fallout expounded on. While the closure feels surged, and a large number of the inquiries stay unanswered, the series closes on an out of the blue confident note.In Solo Leveling 178, we saw Sung Jin-Woo utilize the Cup of Reincarnation to rewind time by 10 years. Later he partook in a day of harmony with his family, he entered the Dimensional Rift with his shadows and crushed the rulers individually.

He goes through 27 years inside the Rift, during which just two years pass in the rest of the world. Later those 27 years, Sung Jin-Woo at last observed Antares, who had been on the run. Jin-Woo presented himself as the Second Shadow Monarch for the first and last time in the manhwa before he and Antares conflicted one final time.

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