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Sienna Mae Video Evidence Twitter – In a now-erased TikTok video posted on June 3rd, video proof showed Sienna Mae grabbing and “attacking” an oblivious Jack Wright in 2020. For follows two days after Sienna set out an assertion on YouTube saying the attack charges evened out against her were bogus.

On May 30th, Mason Rizzo, a companion of Jack and James Wright, took to Twitter to uncover an anonymous powerhouse for “attacking” his companion and afterward telling him to “commit suicide”. Fans, in the long run, attracted a connection to Sienna Mae, with James, at last, affirming it.

The following day, Mason erased the tweet, supplanting it with a message expressing that he, the Wrights, and Sienna Mae planned to deal with the circumstance disconnected. On June first, Sienna Mae put out a YouTube video with an assertion, and that after night Jack Wright, at last, stood up, guaranteeing all that was being affirmed was valid.
Video evidence against Sienna Mae

In a TikTok posted by the Wrights’ companion Lachlan Hannemann, Sienna Mae was sitting on top of a purportedly oblivious Jack Wright during a gathering in 2020.

Lachlan expressed that he was watching Jack since he dropped on the sofa, and out of nowhere, Sienna Mae sat on top of Jack and he “started hearing clamors”. He then, at that point, guaranteed that he was so “startled” by the circumstance that he got up and left, standing up to Sienna Mae later on.
The companion of the Wrights then, at that point, communicated that he felt how Sienna was treated her incorrectly, so he returned to eliminate her from Jack. Before long, Lachlan expressed that Sienna was “stunned” and started to “attempt to legitimize” what she was doing, just for James Wright to say that it “happens constantly”.

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