Royal Mail launch probe into video showing delirious looking Clapham post men staggering in street

Regal Mail have sent off an examination concerning a video that showed mailmen faltering in the road in Clapham after ‘incidentally’ eating brownies bound with pot.

One mailman was seen looking disorientated in the road and must be helped by an associate in South West London. As indicated by the video, the brownies were shipped off a house that was ‘unfilled’ with no return address – following a month they were opened and given out to staff.

The recording was presented on Instagram Stories by means of a record that has since been erased and showed the container of edibles, said to have been made by an Instagram business called Dank Bakery, which ‘spends significant time in therapeutic prepares and confectionery’.In the video, which seems to have been taken at Royal Mail’s Clapham Delivery Office, message peruses: ‘Today practically all the posties in Clapham coincidentally ate hash brownies and I needed to get them individually in light of the fact that they were so high.’

The mailman is then seen faltering towards a Royal Mail streetcar in the road before one more partner offers to help him and says: ‘You okay? Allow me to take the streetcar.’

Someone else adds: ‘You’re super high’.

The recording then, at that point, trims to him sitting in a seat and seeming disorientated as he attempts to disclose to partners the number of edibles he has eaten.

He was subsequently heard letting them know that he consumed ‘four’ pot brownies and gave off an impression of being slurring his words.

During the video, the text peruses: ‘One person said he was strolling to an entryway and thought he was strolling until the end of time.

‘Say a supplication for him the present moment, ideally he is sleeping or he is singing with unicorns’.

The 57-second video asserts the brownies were eaten between 5.30-7.30am and were eaten in the wake of being unopened in the workplace for a month.It read: ‘We had a conveyance of them with no return address and the house was unfilled and they were in our office for a month so we opened them and they got given out. They were eaten between 5.30-7.30am.’

A Royal Mail representative let MailOnline know that an examination has been sent off into the video and will decide whether ‘further move should be made’.

The representative said: ‘Imperial Mail anticipates the best expectations of conduct from our kin consistently.

‘We are viewing this matter extremely in a serious way. We have started an examination which will decide if any further activity, including disciplinary move, may be taken.

‘We are additionally reminding all staff at the conveyance office of the right systems for managing things with no location for conveyance or return.’

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