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Poway Accident Today – A 19-year-elderly person was arrested Tuesday regarding a February fender bender in Poway that killed a dad and child. The occurrence including two vehicles happened the evening of Feb. 12 in the 15000 square of Espola Road.

The 54-year-old driver of one vehicle passed on at the scene and was subsequently recognized as Steve Pirolli. His young child, later recognized as 13-year-old Stephen Pirolli, was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital where he was articulated dead.

The driver of the other vehicle, Donald Lee Farmer, was taken to a medical clinic with non-dangerous wounds following the accident.

However specialists at first didn’t really accept that that inebriation assumed a part in the crash, mishap agents chose in any case following a “broad recreation of the occurrence,” sheriff’s Capt. David Schaller said.

“In light of there, not set in stone Farmer was (purportedly) driving affected by drugs and had been driving carelessly,” Schaller said.

Following the accident, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. said the 19-year old was driving a Mercedes Benz when he sideswiped the driver’s side of Pirolli’s vehicle as the dad diverted left from the parking area at Poway High.

Rancher is accused of gross vehicular homicide, driving affected by drugs causing substantial injury, and driving without a permit. He is being held at San Diego Central Jail on $250,000 bail.

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