News Presenters Caught On Video Calling Novak Djokovic Lying Sneaking A**Hole – Update

News Presenters Caught On Video Calling Novak Djokovic Lying Sneaking A**Hole – Two of Australia’s most prominent news moderators have been trapped in spilled film calling unvaccinated tennis champion Novak Djokovic an ‘a***hole’ while getting ready for the evening news.7News Melbourne moderators Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor hammered the questionable player in an obscene, hot mic bluster that was subsequently released on the web.

Djokovic, a nine-time Australian Open hero, streamed Down Under last week for the competition, conveying a clinical exception from immunization refering to he had tried positive to Covid on December 16 last year.He was immediately kept at Melbourne Airport after line authorities would not acknowledge the exclusion, igniting five days of legitimate fighting under the watchful eye of an adjudicator requested his delivery on Monday, asking in dissatisfaction: ‘What more would this man be able to have done?’

Yet, the adjudicator’s remarks obviously weren’t to the point of mollifying the two news moderators.Their interjection loaded tirade, which seems to have occurred as they arranged to introduce the station’s 6pm news program, included Ms Maddern saying: ‘the manner in which you check out it, Novak Djokovic is a lying, tricky, a***hole.’ Mr Amor even makes the shocking case Djokovic misled get into Australia.

He got a bologna fg excuse and afterward fell over his own fg lies. It’s exactly what occurs, right, that is the thing that occurred,’ he says.His co-have says that there were various mistakes made during the time spent dropping and afterward restoring Djokovic’s visa to play at the Australian Open.Tragically everybody stuffed up around him,’ Ms Maddern says.I think nothing was acquired by placing him in (an) migration inn.Mr Amor says he figures a great deal of Australians would concur with his perspective on Djokovic.

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