Missing Boy Hampton Va – Police, FBI search for missing 4-year-old boy in Virginia Update

Missing Boy Hampton Va – The quest proceeds for 4-year-old Codi Bigsby who was most recently seen at home around 2 a.m. Monday in Hampton, Virginia.

There is as yet a functioning police presence at the apartments he disappeared from, with a few officials still on scene.

“We got a call around 9 o’clock toward the beginning of today from Cory Bigsby, who is the dad of 4-year-old Codi,” Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot said on Monday.

Codi was sleeping when his dad supposedly last saw him. Whenever he woke up, he said Codi was no place to be found.”Mr. Bigsby said that he woke up today and observed that his child Codi was missing,” Talbot said.

Hampton police and the FBI have been looking for Codi since the early morning hours.

Hampton police said it is everyone available and jumping into action and are requesting the public’s assistance in finding Codi.

“Cody is an African American youngster. He is around 3 and half feet tall,” Talbot said. “He has a medium tone and accepted to be wearing all dark. He might be wearing Spider-Man flip-flops.One Hampton man said he has a grandson who is Codi’s age. Hearing that Codi is missing strikes a chord for him.

“A while ago when the Noah Tomlin case occurred, when he initially came up missing, they didn’t permit people in general to help search. I’m not going to allow that to occur. I will be around here looking,” Richard, who didn’t give his last name, said.

He said he’s been cruising through the neighborhood searching for Codi, looking for any signs.

“I began once again here at the congregation at the opposite side of Bloxoms Corner, where the sub station is. Strolled around the sub station and gazed upward and down the trench,” he said. “Whenever I got down there, I began at Salt Ponds and worked my direction right down, and afterward went down each street back from Salt Ponds to Colonial Acres.”Police said Codi’s folks have been helping out specialists.

“We are keen on any video that anyone may have of something that they accept could be connected,” Talbot said. “We aren’t persuaded that it occurred at precisely when we learned with regards to it. In this way, assuming anyone out there accepts that they have video or data that could be connected with Codi’s vanishing, we need to consider it to be rapidly as could be expected.”

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