Makis Katmetzoglou Instagram – Viral Video Leaked

Makis Katmetzoglou Instagram – A few hours earlier, Ioanna Touni, through her own Instagram account, denied the reports that need Dimitris Fintirikos to deliver her pink video, while at the same time revealing curiously the name of the person who made the retaliation sexual entertainment video.

It’s massive and heartbreaking, you demand that I take a circumstance on everything, aside from I don’t have even the remotest clue, tragically. Besides in all of this, my name comes to the front again. This time what was created is that the person who delivered his own revenger porn video was with people who did it in Thessaloniki, but it isn’t precise.

The individual who delivered my video was not Dimitris Fintirikos, but instead Makis Katmetzoglou and it is a name I say unprecedented for public after such endless years since I was restless with regards to the likelihood that that expecting I uncover the name of the person who purposefully disgraced me in Greece without strong confirmation , he could sue me for criticism and I could go to jail taking everything into account. “I wish truly that value be done to the young woman from Thessaloniki”, said Ioanna Touni.

To the extent it is important for him, Makis Katmetzoglou discussed a superfluous attack through his own Instagram account.

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