Mac Jones Tackle Video – Mac Jones’ Dirty Play on Brian Burns is Such a Bad Look

Mac Jones Tackle Video – New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is getting impacted all over online media and it’s straightforward why. The sign guest mishandled the stone against the Panthers on Sunday and in a similar grouping, he was taken to the ground by protective end Brian Burns.

Indeed, as Burns was attempting to get up to make one more play in the wake of shaking Jones, the quarterback obviously gets his lower leg and turns. Consumes quickly tumbled to the turn in a huge load of torment. The new video of that play truly is anything but a decent search for Jones.

Mac Jones Grimy Play is getting him cooked by innumerable individuals

There’s basically no guarding Jones’ play here. In that video above, he plainly gets Burns’ lower leg and afterward takes his action. What on earth would he say he was thinking? Such countless individuals out there who are obliterating him via online media for the play. This incorporates ESPN’s Marcus Spears.

It’s difficult to contend with Spears here. Jones knew precisely the thing he was doing. Jaguar’s fans are calling for him to be suspended, yet it has as of now been accounted for that Jones will not miss any activity. So, the NFL is exploring the play and a fine could be coming for the Patriot’s new kid on the block.

If you ask everybody in Carolina, however, doubtlessly Jones ought to be suspended. He additionally owes Burns a hotshot statement of regret for the play. While this might be Jones’ first year in quite a while, he must be superior to this and settle on more intelligent choices.

Suppose he would have truly harmed Burns? The guarded end wills no inquiry to be inspired to illuminate Jones the following time Carolina and New England go head to head.

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