Lisa Weaver Missing – Family Of Missing Woman Seeking Answers

Lisa Weaver Missing – The last time Michael Mullins talked with his mom, she was sitting in her bed playing on her iPad.

A few hours after the fact, the family’s Blount County home had caught fire and 52-year-old Felicia Weaver, referred to her loved ones as Lisa, was mysteriously absent. Weaver’s wellbeing had crumbled to where she could scarcely get around without anyone else, and the family had as of late examined getting hospice care. “I know in my heart 200% she simply didn’t up and leave,” Michael Mullins said.

The fire broke out on Thursday, Feb. 5, at the Hayden home where Weaver resided with her ex, Edward Mullins, and two of her three children in Hayden. Experiencing COPD and requiring oxygen, Weaver had moved back in with her ex so he and her children could really focus on her. “He was accommodating her and dealing with her,” said Paulina Mullins, Weaver’s little girl in-law. “

They resembled best friends.”Michael Mullins said he conversed with his mother around 12:30 p.m. by means of text while he was out with companions. They connected a couple of more occasions for the duration of the evening, and afterward he said she as of now not reacted. He began attempting to call her, and found no solution. He before long educated the house was ablaze. In excess of about six volunteer local groups of fire-fighters reacted to the scene.When I arrived, the house was completely overwhelmed,” Michael Mullins said. “My father and my uncle and siblings were at that point there.”

Relatives at first accepted Weaver was home when the burst ejected, particularly since her vehicle was there and on the grounds that she seldom left alone. Firemen looked through the home, tracking down the remaining parts of the family’s three canines. Weaver, notwithstanding, was not found in the singed garbage. “They are 100% sure there are no human remaining parts in the house,” Paulina Mullins said.

In the hours and days that followed, more pursuits were done, including the utilization of dead body canines and helicopters. Relatives say they are astounded. Weaver, they said, could scarcely walk 100 yards without halting to pause and rest and rest. “She either left on her own through and through freedom, or she was taken,” Paulina Mullins said. “We have sufficient confidence in our mom that she would have essentially reached somone. She would not put her children, or Edward through this aggravation.

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