Kyle Warner Vaccine Injury – Kyle Warner Injured fron Phizer Vaccine

Kyle Warner Vaccine Injury – A 29- year old professional mountain bike, Kyle Warner, has revealed how the COVID vaccine destroyed his career after taking a second dose of the Pfizer COVID shot.

About two weeks after the shot, Warner experienced extremely elevated heart rates; an ER doctor refused to believe it was an adverse reaction to the jab and instead blamed it on a “psychotic episode.”

After visiting another hospital due to more heart trouble, Warner was referred to a cardiologist who diagnosed him with pericarditis, an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart.

For four months now, Warner has been so ill that he hasn’t been able to work or ride a bike — even mental exertion can cause him to relapse physically.


At the Real, Not Rare rally held in Washington, D.C., Warner spoke before politicians to make a difference in the support level for vaccine-injured people — which is nonexistent in the U.S. — and voice opposition to vaccine mandates.

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