Kevin Costlow Full Video – Shooting Video On Reddit & Twitter: What Happened To Officer Frank Pruitt? Updates

Kevin Costlow Full Video – Kevin Costlow’s shooting video can in any case be found via web-based media organizations.

Kevin Costlow was a man who was shot to no end on February 6, 2021. He was killed by a cop named Frank Pruitt in Gaithersburg.

Costlow was a previous L3 worker. He was a worldwide man who voyaged broadly and was a resigned leader in the IT business.

Kevin Costlow Shooting Video On Reddit
The shooting video of Kevin Costlow was shot by two onlookers. They had eventually, shared the recording on Reddit, Youtube, and Twitter.

The video showed Pruitt taking out his firearm while Costlow lifted a piece of branch and hurled it down a few times on the appointee’s head.

Roughly ten shots discharged from the official’s weapon had hit the middle of Costlow.

Until the last shot was discharged the casualty had not quit progressing towards Pruitt.

What Befell Kevin Costlow?
Kevin Costlow was shot multiple times on his body by Maryland sheriff’s representative, Frank Pruitt.

On February 6, 2021, Costlow had caused two mishaps and was accounted for to have assaulted individuals close by.

The two had gone head to head after Pruitt had reacted to a radio call about the foolish driver.

During the fight, Costlow at first assaulted the agent with an enormous piece of wood. With all due respect, the official needed to discharge different shots at him.

Costlow was a 52 years of age man who had no previous crook records. He was from the Montgomery town of Laytonsville.

More reports about him uncovered that he was an individual from The Washington D.C. Metroplex Area people group.

Before the occurrence, Kevin was riding a Volkswagen that had caused two auto collisions in the province of Maryland.

Costlow seemed bewildered and started acting oddly not long after leaving his vehicle, as indicated by an observer.

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