John Creech Missing – Who is John Creech? Central Texas Deputies investigating 20-year-old Cold Update

John Creech Missing – The Bosque County Sheriff’s Office, close by the Texas Rangers, proclaimed on Tuesday that it has returned a missing individual case from late 2009.

The sheriff’s office said that John Richard Creech, as of now 53 years of age, disappeared around April of 2009. As demonstrated by Creech’s family members, who have not seen or heard from him since he was most as of late seen at his home just outside of Meridian.

“A short period of time after John evaporates, his pickup, a blue 1988 Chevrolet, was found in the Walmart parking structure in Hillsboro and was recuperated by family members,” said the sheriff’s office. “All through the long haul, inspectors have gotten information and different stories interfacing with John’s evaporating.”

Up until this point, all drives that have been investigated have quite recently given limited verification including Creech’s whereabouts. Law approval is at this point unsure what may have happened to him.

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