J Stash Twitter – J $tash kill’s Himself And Girlfriend (suicide)

J Stash Twitter – Rapper J Stash has died. The 28-year-old apparently passed on by self destruction later lethally shooting a mother within the sight of her three kids.

The Los Angeles Police Department reacted to calls of a potential aggressive behavior at home occurrence on Saturday (Jan. 1) and showed up to find “a 27-year-old female Hispanic and a 28-year-old male Black inert inside the[ir Temple City] home.” The lady was shot on various occasions, while the man “supported a clear self-incurred discharge wound.” The people have since been recognized as Jeannette Gallegos and “Flexin” emcee J. Stash.Agents likewise observed Gallegos’ three kids, who range from the ages 5-11, upon their appearance. They were safe, eliminated from the home and are currently with family.

Reserve and Gallegos had been dating for almost a year and living respectively for a couple of months, Lieutenant Derrick Alfred of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office told The Sun. During a contention on New Year’s Day, the rapper maneuvered his young lady into the main room and locked the entryway. Gallegos’ kids thumped on the entryway trying to keep an eye on their mom yet couldn’t get in. They called their grandma in the wake of hearing shots and were told to call the police.

The lethal episode isn’t whenever J Stash first was engaged with an abusive behavior at home debate. In 2014, he was blamed for hitting his ex Danielle Phaeton in the face and body. The charges were at last dropped.

Stash, conceived Justin Joseph, is a previous underwriter of Rich the Kid’s Rich Forever Music record name. He continuously drew his fanbase with the arrival of his Hood Rich task in 2016 and ensuing mixtapes like No More Distractions, Relax With Me, and 6ix Before 7even.His passing has been met with recognitions from individual rappers SpotemGottem and Trippie Redd.Confused wishing this is a fantasy damn J,” SpotemGottem composed. “Damn fam this hurt that posse yet no one kno what u going through till everything end.Trippie Redd added, “Tear to my twin. I can’t trust this.”

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