Hiker falls 700 feet taking selfie on mountain peak in Arizona | Richard Jacobson Died after falling

Hiker falls 700 feet taking selfie on mountain peak in Arizona – A climber setting up camp on a top in the Superstition Mountains east of metro Phoenix was observed dead after obviously slipping while at the same time taking a selfie and falling many feet, specialists said Wednesday. The group of Richard Jacobson, 21, was recuperated after a climbing friend called 911 at roughly 12:45 a.m. Monday, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said in an assertion.

Jacobson’s body was observed almost 700 feet underneath where the explorers were enjoying nature on top of Flatiron close to Lost Dutchman State Park, the workplace said.

“Mr Jacobson went to go snap a picture with himself and the city horizon behind the scenes, and he lost his balance, and he slipped, and he fell,” Sergeant Doug Peoble with Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, told CBS partner KPHO-TV.

Andrew Thomas told KPHO-TV he enjoyed three months as an evangelist with Jacobson in 2020. “He truly was one of those folks that everybody adored, and it’s miserable to lose him, however we realize that it’s not the end,” said Thomas. “We will see him once more.”

Thomas told the station he recalls Jacobson as somebody who was caring and had an excellent of humor.

“He was only my friend in that sense,” said Thomas. “I enjoyed all my waking hours with Richard, so I got to know him pretty well…he was an outdoorsman, tracker, climber. He stuffed that way, so I surmise he dieed doing what he wanted to do, simply in a grievous way.”

As per a review in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 259 individuals kicked the bucket taking selfies from 2011-2017.

In 2018, a wedded couple who tumbled to their demises in Yosemite National Park last week while taking a selfie, the man’s sibling said.

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