Feuer An Biogasanlage Sorgt Für Großeinsatz – Brand Bei Explosionsgefahr

Feuer An Biogasanlage Sorgt Für Großeinsatz – A fire in a biogas plant prompted a huge scope arrangement of the Krummhörn fire detachment in Grimersumer Ostweg (LK Aurich/NI) on Wednesday evening (June ninth, 2021). A fire broke out in a compartment for a formerly unexplained reason. Before the main crisis administrations showed up, the fire had effectively spread to part of one more tank in the biogas plant.

At the point when the crisis administrations showed up on location, the film hoods of the fermenter and the optional fermenter had effectively been obliterated by the fire. The biogas contained in the tanks had as of now gotten away into the environment. The fire detachment’s crisis administrations had the option to utilize the quickly neighboring old Greetsieler Sieltief to remove stifling water. Two convenient siphons were brought into position here, which passed on the water to the fire motors. A few soldiers wearing respiratory assurance had the option to smother the blazes noticeable from the beginning. Notwithstanding, the further putting out fires then, at that point, gave the crisis benefits a significant test.

Another obstacle: as the smoke moved an alternate way over the span of the activity, the salvage laborers needed to change the arrangement of powers and the vehicle design. Because of the harmful smoke gases, the crisis administrations could later just work with respiratory insurance. An adaptive loader outfitted with a work bin empowered the heros to get an image from above before the northern turntable stepping stool showed up. Here it immediately turned out to be evident that the fire was in the space between the substantial holder and the external divider. To have the option to battle the fire in the space in the middle, the foil hood originally must be relentlessly taken out with the assistance of the turntable stepping stool and detach snare.

An excavator later additionally assisted with this. The crisis administrations, who had the option to investigate the holder from a higher place, introduced an exceptional picture: The gases delivered by the maturation cycle initially rose to the surface. When these arrived at the surface, they became tainted. Subsequent to eliminating the film, the crisis administrations had the option to battle the fire from the turntable stepping stool. Later over five hours, the fire was stifled. The northern fire detachment’s robot was of incredible assistance during this activity. With the robot, the activities the executives had the option to get an image from a higher place and control the dousing measures in a designated way.

To caution the populace about the improvement of smoke, a notice was given by means of NINA and Katwarn over the span of the mission. Around 70 crisis administrations from the Krummhörn-Ost, Krummhörn-Nord, Visquard fire units, the order vehicle bunch, the Krummhörn-West providing food bunch and the turntable stepping stool and robot gathering of the north fire detachment were sent. Moreover, the police, the lower water authority and the exchange inspectorate were nearby.

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