Donald Trump Slams Jeff Zucker as ‘World-Class Sleazebag’ Following CNN Resignation

Donald Trump referred to Jeff Zucker as “a-list scum bucket” in an assertion responding to Zucker’s stunning abdication from CNN, where he filled in as the leader of CNN Worldwide from January 2013 to February 2022. Zucker reported Feb. 2 in an email to CNN staff that he was leaving the organization quickly, after he neglected to uncover a consensual relationship with an anonymous associate.

“Jeff Zucker, a-list scum bucket who has headed appraisals and genuine news-tested CNN for a really long time, has been ended for quite some time, yet predominately on the grounds that CNN has gotten lost with watchers and every other person,” Trump said in an assertion. “Presently is an opportunity to place Fake News in the rearward sitting arrangement since there may not be much else significant than fixing the terrible LameStream Media in our Country, and on account of CNN, all through the World. Jeff Zucker is gone – congrats to all!”
Zucker filled in as leader of NBC Entertainment starting in 2000, where he presented to Donald Trump’s unscripted TV drama “The Apprentice” to the organization. As the head of CNN Worldwide during the 2016 official political race and Trump’s administration, Zucker and Trump frequently got into a physical altercation over the organization’s media inclusion.

“As a feature of the examination concerning Chris Cuomo’s residency at CNN, I was gotten some information about a consensual relationship with my nearest partner, somebody I have worked with for over 20 years,” Zucker wrote in his renunciation email. “I recognized the relationship developed lately. I was expected to reveal it when it started however I didn’t. I was off-base. Thus, I am leaving today.”

The anonymous partner is Allison Gollust, CNN’s head promoting official and a long-lasting Zucker lieutenant. Peruse Variety’s full Jeff Zucker story for every one of the insights regarding his acquiescence.

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