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Descubre En TikTok Los Videos – Another types of herbivorous dinosaur found in the Sahara desert inside Egypt has assisted with disentangling the secrets about the advancement of these creatures in Africa and their European connection. The fossilized remaining parts of ‘Mansourasaurus shahinae,’ a since a long time ago necked herbivore, with hard plates inserted in its skin , were uncovered by an undertaking completed by the Vertebrate Paleontology drive of the University of Mansoura (MUVP), in Egypt, a work drove by Dr. Hesham Sallam of the Dep.Se descubre en Egipto el santo grial de los dinosaurios africanos

Dinosaur fossils from the Upper Cretaceous in Africa are difficult to come by – a significant part of the land where their fossils are found is shrouded in rich vegetation, rather than uncovered stone with dinosaur treasures like those of the Rocky Mountain area , the Gobi desert or Patagonia. The absence of an Upper Cretaceous fossil record in Africa is disappointing for scientistss as, at that point, the mainlands were going through huge topographical and geographic changes.

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