Dead Loop Gymnastics Banned | Why is Olga Korbut’s ‘dead loop’ banned in gymnastics?Full Viral Video

Dead Loop Gymnastics Banned – Video film of Olympic Gold medalist Olga Korbut has circulated around the web after a clasp of her displaying her restricted move, the dead circle, in rivalry reemerged.

The video showed Korbut, who addressed the Soviet Union, playing out a lopsided bars gymnastic daily practice from the 1972 Munich Olympics.

On January 15, the 34-second clasp started coursing via web-based media and has been seen north of 2 million times on Twitter.

The next day, the recording was posted on Reddit by client u/PumpedPrivacy, and has up until this point got more than 145,000 upvotes and north of 2,000 remarks.

Korbut’s normal got acclaim and deference for the trouble and precession she showed, most quite for her capacity to play out the “dead circle” move, on the other hand known as the Korbut flip, that was subsequently prohibited.

The move comprises of remaining on the high bar, executing a reverse somersault and getting a handle on the bar once more. The move was restricted from tumbling and never acted in an undeniable level conventional rivalry again because of the gigantic danger implied in its execution.

For her presentation Korbut got a 9.8 out of 10 and she immediately became perceived across the world. As indicated by a 2017 report by the Associated Press, Korbut said she was not ready to turn into a superstar short-term.

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