Dave Hughes aka Camo Dave Death and cause – Camo Dave Dead

Dave Hughes aka Camo Dave Death and cause – At the point when passing hits out of nowhere, we think that it is difficult to accept. That can’t be any more evident as I stay here expounding on the one who assisted me with beginning this site in 1998. We are seeing word out of control that DCRTV Dave Hughes passed on from regular causes at some point in the early evening of Monday, December 27. He was 63. His last post to DCRTV was at 10:24 that morning, and he likewise had one final post to YouTube where he appeared to acquire significantly more distinction than he did with his radio and TV website.

As I said, Dave generous assisted me with beginning and really gave “PBRTV” it’s name. So all you individuals out there who thought it was “Pabst Blue Ribbon… .” something, or “Expert Bull Riders… ” some random thing – Dave’s the one to fault. I needed to refer to it as “PGHRTV” yet Dave needed consistency with each of the destinations he took part in delivering – the vast majority of which didn’t keep going excessively long. At last Bob Corbin took on the VARTV site and I, obviously, kept up with PBRTV.

Assuming you at any point got an opportunity to meet Dave as I did, you would rapidly discover he was a person. It was on a spring day in 1999 when I tracked down Dave and his mother, Sara at the Vienna, Virginia METRO stop. We had lunch at a cafe which I accept was classified “Amphora” in Reston, prior to returning his mother to their home on Myrtle Lane. Later a stop to utilize the offices, Dave drove me around a piece of the DC market that most vacationers probably never see – and for what reason would it be a good idea for them? We were visiting radio pinnacle locales! As of whatever date that was, (perhaps May 18), it was the most silly and hazardous thing I had done – I mean what 22 year old would meet a 40-year-old and his mother at a tram framework stop out so everyone can see… for lunch… and visit radio pinnacle destinations?

However, any contact since was restricted to email, periodic calls and one early “PBRTV Podcast” in 2015. In spite of the fact that DCRTV proceeded in some way, it was evident that Dave turned out to be more keen on venturing to every part of the nation and meeting individuals under his “Camo Dave” moniker. Dave wanted to climb in nature or visit different stores and remark on the things they had available to be purchased. In the long run he left the DC region and displayed in places like Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and ultimately got comfortable North Carolina.

There is no word concerning whether any plans had been set up for DCRTV to proceed, however regardless of whether it, it won’t ever go back.As I read through the remarks on his Facebook page, last YouTube post, and so forth, I figure it tends to be settled upon that Dave contacted the hearts of many individuals and some way or another figured out how to bypass the rage that exists in this world. I assume in the event that I would make reference to it to him, his reaction would be, “I don’t have the foggiest idea, man!”

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