Chriseanrock Instagram – What’s Going on With Christian Rock’s Missing Tooth?

Chriseanrock Instagram – The quarrel between Blueface, Christian, and Wack 100 likewise had the web talking. Fans rushed to share their life on Twitter and express their inclination towards the equivalent. At this point, Blueface has not remarked on what turned out badly.

The dramatization began when Blueface’s female craftsman, Christian Rock, displayed at his home and guaranteed she was endorsed to his record mark. Notwithstanding, Wack 100, who is the rapper’s director asserted the arrangement was broken.

He said: “You don’t work for sh*t. He dropped you seven days prior! Fourteen days prior! He dropped you!” Despite this, Christian appeared to be unconvinced and focused on the reality she was as yet endorsed to the mark.

Things got ugly when Wack 100 chose to call the cops on her. He told her: “In case we would rather not work with you, we would rather not work with you! … You’re allowed to go to would whatever you like to do! I guarantee you we won’t ever converse with you again, studio, text, nothing!”

While the police attempted to comprehend the circumstance, one of them followed Christian to the room that she guaranteed was hers. Be that as it may, after coming to, her things were not really there. Seeing this, Christian asserted they had cleaned the whole house.

Lamentably, that was the last video posted by her and right now there is no new data.

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