Bolivia College Incident Video Reddit – Video shows balcony railing collapse that killed 7 college students Video viral on Reddit

Bolivia College Incident Video Reddit – Seven school students were killed and four hurt in a stunning episode in Bolivia when a railing collapsed, making them tumble from a fourth-floor overhang.
Wild video of Tuesday’s event showed a huge swarm of students at El Alto Public University hunched on overhangs before the railings gave way. The setback happened in the school’s Bolivia College Incident Video Financial Sciences building when students endeavored to enter the theater for a show.

The film got by The Sun in like manner shows a young woman pushing another woman near the railing before it breakdowns.

Bolivia’s police supervisor Johnny Aguilera Montesinos said Wednesday that the woman, who was seen during the fight, will be tended to as an element Bolivia College Incident Video of the assessment, neighborhood media declared.

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