WATCH: Ashanti has technical issues during national anthem, Chiefs fans take over

R&B vocalist Ashanti can break the verses out as well as anyone. Since her introduction collection back in 2002, the Grammy Award victor has been wowing crowds with her vocals and reach.

Sadly, fans available during the public hymn in front of the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead didn’t get the best form of Ashanti. To no blame of her own.

There were a few significant specialized issues during the interpretation, so, all in all Chiefs fans took control and sang the hymn alongside the craftsman. It was a sight to behold.That’s a few noteworthy stuff from Chiefs fans to help Ashanti out as her receiver fizzled.

With respect to the actual matchup, the champ of this Bengals Chiefs AFC Championship Game will assume the victor of the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams NFC title game in Super Bowl LVI one month from now.

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