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Holy people running back Alvin Kamara stands blamed for battery actually hurting. As though frequently the case for any episodes of this nature that happen in broad daylight places, video proof exists.

As indicated by the police report, posted by Nick Underhill, Darnell Greene was assaulted by a gathering almost a bank of lifts outside the Cromwell Casino at Drais After Dark Club on Saturday, one day before the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas. For Greene and the remainder of his party moved toward the lift vehicle, Kamara purportedly set his hand on Greene’s chest, preventing him from entering.

Greene pushed Kamara’s hand off Greene’s mind. Greene fights he was “pushed hard,” and that he staggered back. He then, at that point, fights that he was “hit nd kicked by different individuals,” and that he passed out. He saw Kamara.

Greene, per the report, supported an orbital crack of his right eye. He potentially will require a medical procedure.

Past possible criminal punishments, Kamara deals with likely repercussion under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

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