Accident Chasse Montauban – Man Seriously Injured in the Face in a Car Accident

Accident Chasse Montauban – A 47-year-elderly person was genuinely harmed in the face this Thursday, November 11 in Montauban, in a hunting accident. The supposed shooter was arrested, we gained from the firemen and the arraignment. He was hit by “shots from a pellet firearm,” prior to being taken to the clinic “in genuine condition,” firemen said. As indicated by firemen, the Accident occurred around 11:30 a.m. during a woodcock hunting party, exactly five kilometers south of the focal point of Montauban.

His indispensable anticipation isn’t submitted, however, he was smacked in the face “by different shards of lead,” said the indictment. “For the occasion, we don’t have the punitive ITT (absolute insufficiency for work)”, shows the bad habit examiner Anne Gaullier to our partners at La Dépêche du Midi.

“A shortcoming of wildness”

A man is “presently in police care” in Montauban in an examination for “inadvertent wounds with regards to a hunting activity”, he added. “There was, obviously, a shortcoming of wildness” on his part, said Anne Gaullier. As indicated by the indictment, the two men knew one another and most likely chased together.

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