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A14daFreak on Twitter – The intervention involved expanding the A14, between 8 km and 22 km: for instance the stretch that runs comparing to the Tangenziale di Bologna.

After a broad discussion with the Local Authorities, Autostrade per l’Italia has thusly drawn up a further course of action that envisions a third extraordinary way (for instance advancement of the hard shoulder and its use as a street on the event of significant traffic).

The endeavor was upheld at the Services Conference in May 2003.

Advancement of the third special way was done in December 2007. The way was opened to traffic on culmination of the particular tests, on 16 January 2008, six months ahead of schedule. The third strong way is regulated through a planned traffic signal structure, which enlightens drivers in regards to traffic conditions and of the decision of including the hard shoulder as a street, through factor message sheets that are reliably revived.

Drivers had the choice to include comparable 2 ways as open before the start of the works, all through the intervention.

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