49ers Fan in Coma Video – 49ers fan Appeared to be Aggressor in fight that left him in coma,who is 49ers Fan?

49ers Fan in Coma Video – A man put in a medicinally incited trance like state following a quarrel in a SoFi Stadium parking area during Sunday’s NFC Championship Game showed up in observation video to have impelled the battle, Inglewood Mayor James Butts said during a news gathering Thursday.

Forty-year-old Daniel Luna was found “on the ground, oblivious” in part L of SoFi Stadium by security at around 4 p.m., Butts said during the evening news meeting.

Luna was dealt with and shipped to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where he was set into a therapeutically initiated trance like state to forestall mind expanding. Butts said Luna was draining intracranially.Police were advised with regards to the occurrence around 7 p.m. in any case, Luna was at that point in a state of unconsciousness before officials could get an assertion, Butts said.

Reconnaissance video of the episode, portrayed by the city chairman as “exceptionally hazy,” has been situated by Inglewood police.

“The video isn’t clear enough in clearness to perceive faces, however you most certainly can perceive shirts. You can perceive male versus female,” Butts said.

The video shows Luna blending with different fans in the parking garage, Butts said. Most of fans are donning red and seem, by all accounts, to be 49ers fans.Luna is seen pushing an individual wearing what gave off an impression of being a yellow Rams shirt, who is currently being portrayed as the suspect, from despite prior to turning his good faith, Butts said.

The presume then fought back by pushing Luna from behind and afterward striking him once in the mouth region when Luna pivoted, Butts said.

Luna fell in reverse and seemed to hit his head.

Butts said he didn’t see a period stamp on the video so it was hazy the way that long Luna was down in the parking area before he was found by security personnel.A individual who said they were a cousin of the suspect reached KTLA Thursday to say the supsect handed himself over.

The cousin said the occurrence happened just after the 49ers scored their first score and a gathering of 49ers fans, who she says seemed, by all accounts, to be intoxicated, moved toward them.

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