12-Jarige Jongen Overleden Na Ongeluk Met klaphamer Man Aangehouden – Update

12-Jarige Jongen Overleden Na Ongeluk Met klaphamer Man Aangehouden – The episode occurred around 11:30 a.m. at a home in Haaksbergen. A man was in the city with a sledge. He hit magnesium powder with that, which gives an enormous detonation; like carbide or milk can shooting. Similarly as the three young men strolled by, things turned out badly.

The 12-year-old casualty was taken to clinic by an air rescue vehicle, where he passed on from his wounds. The 11-year-old kid was taken to clinic with genuine wounds. It is hazy how the 11-year-old is doing. The third kid is safe.

The youngsters were observers and not themselves engaged with firecrackers or a mallet, the police affirm.

A sledge isn’t unlawful, incidentally. It is an option in contrast to carbide shooting, which implies that it doesn’t fall under the firecrackers regulation.

What precisely occurred and what caused the mishap is at present being researched by the detectives.According to nearby inhabitants, a little, conventional area party was continuing. “With four families,” one of them tells RTV Oost. “As indicated by custom, they set up a tent with a fire pit, in which they consume the excess waste a short time later.”

Civic chairman Rob Welten of the Overijssel place refers to the occasion as “horrendous and emotional. My considerations go out to individuals who are presently totally off the guide. This is the most noticeably awful thing that can happen to you,” Welten told the territorial telecaster.

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